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Frequently asked questions: Information for refugees and asylum seekers

Does RCOA provide migration advice?

No. RCOA does not provide any kind of legal or migration advice. In Australia, only registered migration agents are allowed to provide migration advice.

If you are seeking legal or migration advice, see our page on legal advice.

I’m seeking asylum in Australia. Where can I get help?

Please see our directory of services for asylum seekers.

I’m a refugee. How can I seek resettlement in Australia?

To seek resettlement in Australia, we advise you to contact the office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in the country where you are living.

You may also wish to contact the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Its website provides information on applying for humanitarian visas and contact details for its offices.

I’m a refugee. Can RCOA sponsor me for resettlement?

RCOA unfortunately cannot sponsor refugees for resettlement.

If you have contacts or relatives in any country, they may be able to “propose” or “sponsor” you for resettlement. To find out if this is possible, you will need to contact the immigration department of the country in which your relatives live. In Australia, this is the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The Sanctuary Australia Foundation offer sponsorship assistance to refugees in need of resettlement.

I am sponsoring my family for resettlement but need financial assistance to pay for airfares. Does RCOA offer travel loans?

RCOA unfortunately does not offer travel loans. However, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) offers an interest-free loans program for humanitarian entrants wishing to sponsor family members under the Special Humanitarian Program (visa subclass 202).

 Are there any scholarships available for refugees?

RCOA is a small, not-for-profit organisation with limited funding. As such, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to offer scholarships to refugees.

However, many Australian Universities do offer scholarships to asylum seekers and refugees. An appendix of such scholarships can be found here.

I’m a refugee and have lost contact with my family members. Can RCOA help me to find them?

The Red Cross offers a tracing service for refugees seeking to reunite with family members.


Last updated October 2015

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