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Scholarships for people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary visas

The Refugee Council has been working with universities to provide scholarships to people seeking asylum. Unlike holders of permanent humanitarian visas, people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary protection visas are not eligible for programs and concessions designed to assist students with financing tertiary education. Without government support or university scholarships, these people are forced to pay expensive international student fees to attend TAFE, universities and other institutions.

A number of universities have now started providing scholarships to people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary visas. You can see the scholarship information below. It should be noted that because of the significant financial barriers many people face, the reality is that unless the scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition the course will be inaccessible to most people. That is why we have only highlighted universities which provide 100% full-fee waiver scholarships.

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Information on education

Other scholarships

Allianz Australia and Settlement Services International (SSI) are offering the scholarships to help refugees settle in the community. Young refugees needing help with their school education and adults seeking local recognition for their qualifications will be among those eligible for new scholarships worth more than $90,000.

Forty-six scholarships, ranging from $500 to $5,000, will be offered in five categories, including:

  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • Vocational Education + Training (VET)
  • University
  • Skills & qualifications recognition

Please note that these scholarships are only available to refugees with permanent residency, and that applications for the current round are now closed.

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