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Join us in calling for #SafetyForAll

UPDATE, 4th October 2017: After an agonising wait, 54 people from the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres were finally granted US visas last month.  Although this comes as a welcome reprieve for those lucky few, around 2000 people are still left with no stability or security, having endured years of torture and trauma at the hands of our government.  The Manus Island Centre is slated for closure at the end of October 2017, yet no safe alternative has been provided for those currently detained there.

This is not good enough. If you, like us, believe that our government should act urgently to bring these people to safety, sign the petition for #SafetyForAll now.


UPDATE, 2nd February 2017: Last year, the Australian Government announced that an agreement had been made with the US Government which could potentially see all of the people detained on Manus Island and Nauru resettled in the US.

Since President Trump was sworn in last month, there have been a flurry of contradictory announcements regarding this deal. The viability of this resettlement option has been cast into serious doubt. The announcement of ‘extreme vetting’ measures to accompany the deal would exclude most of the people in offshore detention from being resettled, purely on the grounds of their nationality.

For the men, women and children whose lives are at stake, this uncertainty has prolonged their anguish.  There is already a mental health crisis so severe that even children have attempted to take their own lives;  a culture of physical and sexual abuse, and conditions which international bodies have confirmed is tantamount to torture.

This has gone on for far too long. We are calling for the Australian Government to take responsibility for this human rights catastrophe and bring them to safety immediately, at least until a permanent and safe solution can be found.


Original petition text:

Last week, the Australian Government announced a US resettlement plan for people seeking asylum. This is a crucial first step towards ending offshore detention for good.

The cruel and unnecessary policy of indefinite detention, perpetuated by successive governments, has punished vulnerable people who have simply sought Australia’s protection for themselves and their families.

The announcement that many of these people are to be resettled shows a recognition of the failure of our offshore detention policy, and of the lack of public support. We commend the brave teachers, doctors, social workers and others who have taken a significant risk in bringing to light the terrible conditions that they have witnessed on Manus Island and Nauru.

However, this partial response is not good enough. There are significant gaps in the information that the government has provided.  We are calling on our Government to urgently answer the following questions:

–          WHO? It is not clear who will be covered under this resettlement option.  The Government must ensure that all of the people that they have subjected to torture and abuse in these camps are immediately brought to safety.

–          WHEN? The Government has so far provided no timeline as to when people will be resettled. The people in question have endured years of atrocious treatment at the hands of our leaders, and must be resettled with the utmost urgency.

–          WHY?  The Government has announced that the people who have been brought to Australia for medical treatment must be returned to Nauru and Manus Island before they can be resettled.  This includes people who have been sexually abused in the camps.  For the Government to return these people to their abusers would be appalling negligence of their duty of care.

We believe that the Government must stop punishing people who have done nothing wrong.  Safety is for everyone. 

Join us in calling on the Government to provide #SafetyForAll of the people that they have so badly wronged.

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Sign our Petition to #Safetyforall

Call on the Australian Government to immediately provide the full picture of this policy and to provide #SafetyForAll of the people who need our protection.

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