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Roof Over My Head campaign resources

This page hosts a number of useful resources for people who are part of our campaign, Roof Over My Head, to stop cuts to support for people seeking asylum. Please feel free to use and distribute these resources as part of your work in helping us save people from destitution.

Help people understand the issue quickly

We have produced a range of materials to help people understand the issue quickly, which you can access in different formats. You can click on the links below for an online version or download PDF or Word versions to the right (where available).

The facts

Key facts

A factsheet explaining the issue and the impacts (good for a general audience)

The two-page version is recommended for politicians, advisers, government officials and bureaucrats.

A one-page explainer for the public

Facts and figures

Other resources

Learn more about why people are facing destitution

The following resources will give more context to why people are facing destitution:

Our policy brief

‘Starving them out’

Our report

With Empty Hands

The economic paper we commissioned

An unnecessary penalty’

Join us

We need you to show our government that Australia cares about refugees. Help us by joining the movement so we can protect refugees, not punish them.


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