Citizenship certificateProposed citizenship changes

On 20 April 2017, the Australian Government announced that it was seeking to make changes to the process of becoming an Australian citizen, including:

  • requiring people to be separately tested for ‘competent’ English
  • extending the requirement for permanent residence from at least one year to four years
  • testing for ‘Australian values’ and conduct ‘inconsistent with Australian values’
  • requiring people to demonstrate their ‘integration’, and
  • changing the pledge and the Australian Values Statement.

The proposals were set out in a Discussion Paper and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection sought submissions to this Discussion Paper by 1 June 2017.
The Refugee Council of Australia made a submission to this consultation.

The Australian Government introduced a Bill into Parliament on 15 June 2017 to introduce these changes. The Bill includes some new changes that were not included in the Discussion Paper, including giving the Minister the power to overturn citizenship decisions made by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Submissions to the consultation

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