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There are many resources on refugees and people seeking asylum. On this page, you can find the latest reports and other resources.

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Labour Migration As Complementary Pathways For Refugees In The Asia-Pacific

Labour migration as complementary pathways for refugees in the Asia-Pacific

This paper from the Lowy Institute looks at he nature of abour migration in the Asia-Pacific region, and its relationship to pathways for people seeking asylum. It aims to identify ways in which countries can extend legal labour-based schemes to refugees and people seeking asylum, who might otherwise be at risk from people smugglers and human traffickers.
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What Do We Know About People Seeking Asylum And Employment?

What do we know about people seeking asylum and employment?

Misinformation about people seeking asylum and employment is widespread. A journal article, 'People seeking asylum in Australia and their access to employment: just what do we know?', examines what we do and do not know about access to employment for people seeking asylum.
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Australia’s Hidden Homeless

Australia’s hidden homeless

The Hotham Mission’s Asylum Seeker Project (ASP) provides housing and support to asylum seekers in Victoria. In 2010, they released a report outlining the challenges faced by agencies housing people seeking asylum. The report included 11 recommendations to the Government, along with a proposed model for combating homelessness.
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