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Statistics on refugees resettled in Australia

This page includes statistics from the Department of Home Affair’s annual reports on its Offshore Humanitarian Program, up to 2022-23. You can view or download the data from the links under the graphs.

This page focuses on the refugees and other people (‘humanitarian entrants’) who are resettled in Australia under Australia’s ‘Offshore Humanitarian Program’.

These are people who have applied to be resettled in Australia from overseas, rather than applying for refugee status in Australia (the ‘Onshore’ component of Australia’s Humanitarian Program). How many apply, and how many are granted? Who are they? Where do they come from?

How do people come Australia under its Refugee and Humanitarian Program?

These statistics overlap with the statistics on people settling in Australia, which includes the people who are resettled from overseas as well as those granted permanent protection in Australia.

Settlement statistics

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