Refugee Council of Australia
Parliament House, Canberra

Submission to the inquiry into regional development and decentralisation

Our recommendations

Recommendation 1

The Australian Government should, when selecting primary settlement locations, carefully consider the advice offered by the settlement sector and regional communities.

Recommendation 2

Federal and State governments should work together to collect and make more data available in relation to the secondary migration of refugees and humanitarian entrants.

Recommendation 3

Federal and State governments should invest in offering relocation support to refugees who decide to move to regional areas. This should include support offered to service providers in destination locations. This strategy should be further developed in consultation with regional communities and settlement service providers.

Recommendation 4

All refugees on temporary protection visas, including SHEVs, should have access to settlement support services, similar to other refugees and humanitarian entrants. However, as a minimum measure, people on a SHEV visa who move to regional areas should have access to a full suite of settlement support services, including casework support. By doing that, service providers will be better informed of the number of people holding SHEV visas in their area and will be better prepared to properly assist them.

Recommendation 5

When encouraging corporate decentralisation, the Australian Government should consider and promote the role that skilled refugees can play in supporting the businesses after relocation, as well as the role of organisations that can provide linkages between businesses and refugee workers.

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