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Refugee self-representation

Are you from a refugee background and living in Australia? Are you interested in advocacy?

Join our refugee community advocates list!

The Refugee Council of Australia often hear about opportunities for advocacy. If you are added to our list of refugee community advocates we can get in touch to let you know when anything of interest comes up. This might be an opportunity to get involved in a campaign, to speak to the media, or to participate in an event, consultation or meeting.

If you are added to the Refugee Council of Australia community advocates contact list, we will email you or contact you by phone when we hear about opportunities that you may be interested in. You can also ask to be taken off the list whenever you want. We will not pass on your details to anyone outside of the Refugee Council of Australia without contacting you first to see if you want us to.

If you are willing to be involved, we would love to know what areas of advocacy you are interested in. Select all the areas of advocacy you are interested in.

Join the list here.

Be a champion for refugee rights

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