Refugee Council of Australia
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The role of the Australian Refugee Foundation is to support the Refugee Council in achieving its purpose and aims through providing an independent source of funding.

The purpose of the Refugee Council of Australia is to work with its members in promoting the development of humane, lawful and constructive policies towards refugees and asylum seekers by Australian and other governments and their communities.

In order to achieve this purpose, the Council pursues the following aims:

  • To act as a unifying organisation and to represent its members.
  • To promote the empowerment of refugee communities and individuals in Australia and internationally and support the capacity building of Australia’s refugee sector.
  • To monitor, research and present information on issues relating to the needs and circumstances of refugees and asylum seekers.
  • To assist governments and inter-governmental organisations to formulate policy and improve support and services for refugees and asylum seekers.
  • To increase public awareness and media sensitivity towards refugees and asylum seekers.
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Refugee Story

“The police had machine guns and they were shooting at us.”

Actor, writer and director Tony Le Nguyen fled Vietnam with his family in the wake of the Vietnam war.

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