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Tell me more: questions and answers about changes to SRSS

How much are the SRSS payments?

For people seeking asylum in the community, the payments are 89% of Newstart or Youth Allowance. Families may also get a Family Tax Benefit, and those in rented housing may get rental assistance (at 89% of the normal rate). The amount varies depending on the circumstances of the individual.

These tables show what 89% of the current Newstart payment and 89% of the current rental assistance payment looks like. The rates are per fortnight.
Newstart and SRSS payments

Recipient StatusChildrenAgePer fortnightSRSS payment rate
Singleno children22 or over545.8485.762
Singlewith children-590.4525.456
Singleno children60 or over after 9 months590.4525.456
Single principal carer with activity test exemption EITHER: because of caring for large family or foster children, OR who is a home or distance educator of child/ren in their care.with children-762.4678.536
Partneredwithout children-492.8438.592
Partneredwith children-492.8438.592
Partnered - illness separated couple (1.1.I.04), respite care couple (1.1.R.240), or partner in gaol (1.1.P.85)590.4525.456
Rent assistance payments
Recipient StatusRent ThresholdMinimum Rent for Maximum RAMaximum Rate (per fortnight)Maximum SRSS rates per fortnight
Single, no children120.2299.93134.8119.972
Single, no children, sharer120.2240.0289.8779.9843
Partnered, no children (combined rate)194.6363.93127113.03
Member of a couple, no children - illness separated couple (1.1.I.04), respite care couple (1.1.R.240), or partner imprisoned (1.1.P.85)120.2299.93134.8119.972
Member of a couple temporarily separated, no children120.2289.53127113.03

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