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Tell me more: questions and answers about changes to SRSS

What do we know about the changes?

Some changes have already happened. People studying full-time and people who have sent money home to family and friends have already started losing their SRSS support.

The Department has indicated to stakeholders that people will be reassessed for eligibility in the next few months. If they are found to be ‘job-ready’, then they may lose support. This may happen even if the people are responsible for raising young children.

There is a lot we do not know yet about the proposed changes. We do not know exactly when they will start, although we expect the changes to start very soon. We do not have much information about the details of the policy, which will be very important.

What we do know is that, if the changes do happen, then thousands of highly vulnerable people will lose their income and their case worker. What we do know is that, if this happens, many of them will not be able to house, clothe or feed themselves. We also know that the charities that support people seeking asylum are already exhausted and overwhelmed.

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