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Listen to stories about refugees in Australia

Australia’s offshore refugees

In this episode, we meet a doctor-turned-whistleblower who saw what happens in offshore processing centres as part of Australia's refugee policy and a refugee who spent nearly five years in one before starting over...

In My Country

Stories of people who came to Australia as refugees or asylum seekers, and the many places we call home.

Refugees of Sudan

Lizzy, a refugee from South Sudan who migrated as a child to Australia in 2005, shares her journey.

Development Policy Centre

The Development Policy Centre is a think tank for aid and development policy based at Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University.

Webinars about refugees in Australia

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Refugee Alternatives

The Refugee Council of Australia hosts regular webinars exploring important issues in refugee policy and practice.

Feeling Safe, Finding Safety

We will be talking with experts on how we can provide the best kind of support for LGBTIQ+ people who have been forcibly displaced.

Listen to stories about refugees in the world


This six-part podcast series showcases stories of refugees as they adjust to their new lives in Virginia.


In-depth conversations with leading humanitarians, foreign policymakers, and innovators to understand how they think about, and tackle global refugee crises.

Refugees’ Stories

Refugees’ Stories has a straightforward purpose: to share stories about the lives and experiences of refugees.

Webinars about refugees in the world

Refugee Law Initiative

Presentations, seminars and lectures from the University of London's Refugee Law Initiative, on a range of refugee policy topics.

Refugees and Global Migration

Anne C. Richard, distinguished fellow and Afghanistan coordination lead at Freedom House, leads a conversation on refugees and global migration.