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Adam's Story 

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We stand up as the public voice for refugees and asylum seekers living in our community and in the Asia Pacific region.

We inform the Australian community about the plight of refugees and Australian’s humanitarian obligations.

We work on policy alternatives and continue to act as the key link between Australian NGOs, United Nation agencies and international refugee bodies. 

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Adam is a former Palestinian refugee born in a refugee camp called Yarmouk Camp in Damascus Syria and lived there for 20 years.

Adam was one of the lucky ones, he arrived in Australia in February 2012.

As the Syrian conflict escalated Adam decided that he needed to help get his family out of Syria immediately, giving them their pathway to freedom.

People seeking refuge value freedom highly.  We know that when people are given this freedom, they can realise their potential.  

This doesn’t just benefit them, but if benefits the whole community. The lucky few resettled through Australia’s refugee program are a testament to this.

Although this is all common sense, successive Australian governments have spun a dangerous myth for many years, cruelly and unnecessarily detaining people both offshore and onshore, to serve political ends.

This approach is not sustainable.

People  seeking refuge value freedom

Beyond Australia’s unfair and 

unjust detention regime

Creating Pathways to Freedom

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Canada has provided leadership with a pathway forward. We’ve all seen the photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcoming new Canadians at the airport.

Canada creates an alternative pathway

In November 2015 Canada announced its intention to resettle 25,000 refugees from Syria in addition to their annual intake. They achieved this in just 4 months and then expanded the program by another 50,000 places to 31 October 2017.

Canada’s private sponsorship of refugees program (PSR) has many lessons which could be emulated in the Australian context. Under this model, private groups and organisations sponsor and provide the financial costs for resettling refugees.

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Together we can create more 

pathways to freedom

‘I needed to get my family out of there. I couldn’t sleep at night’

Other Refugees and other people seeking asylum deserve the same opportunities for a pathway to freedom like Adam and his family.  

Donate today to support our work to help more refugees like Adam achieve freedom and contribute to our great Australian society. 

The Refugee Council of Australia continues to research alternatives and is lobbying every day for better pathways to freedom. Operating without government funding and relying on the financial support of Australians who share our vision, we work hard – despite all the challenges – to engage Parliamentarians and government officials with well-researched, workable and fair policy alternatives.