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Would you accept this reality for your child? Everyday parents band together to support call to get kids off Nauru

Mums and dads from all walks of life are the latest group to lend their support to the campaign to bring the 102 children currently trapped on Nauru to Australia.

In a moving and emotional video produced by the Refugee Council of Australia, Mums 4 Refugees and People Like Us, these everyday parents are calling on the Australian Government to stop the suffering that is being faced by the children in Nauru day in and day out.

Parents, featured with their own children, state that the children in Nauru are suffering from trauma and depression that is getting worse with every week they remain on the island.

“Some feel such utter despair that they’re not leaving their beds and have stopped talking, eating and drinking,” says one Mum.

Another states: “If you wouldn’t accept this reality for your own children, don’t accept it for the children and families who are being unjustly held on Nauru.

“Whatever your political views, harming innocent children is never the answer,” one of the fathers featured in the video said.

Refugee Council of Australia spokesperson Kelly Nicholls said that it was encouraging to see Australian parents taking a stand.

“This video is an insight into what mums and dads across Australia think about what is currently happening in Nauru. No one wants a life of deprivation for their children and it is up to all of us to take a stand. As one of the parents in the video says, silence is complicity,” Ms Nicholls said.

“Some of these children have never known anything other than a mouldy tent surrounded by barbed wire as their home and most are suffering from trauma and depression – some are even self-harming.”

The launch of the video is part of a larger campaign launched recently by prominent human rights organisations, including the Refugee Council of Australia, called #KidsOffNauru.

Mums 4 Refugees spokesperson, Dulce Muñoz, said she was horrified at what has been taking place in Nauru.

“As mothers and caregivers we can’t standby the suffering of children. We believe that as a nation we can do better. All the kids in Nauru are our responsibility.”

Those featured in the video call on their fellow Australian parents to share the video on their social networks and sign the #KidsOffNauru petition.

Leanne Green who is featured in the video said: “We as parents must stand together as a strong voice and say ‘enough is enough’ to this horrible abuse and suffering of innocent children in Nauru,” she said.

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