Kids Off Nauru

Children and their families are trapped on the island of Nauru in cruel and inhumane conditions without adequate health, education or employment options. The Refugee Council of Australia is part of a coalition of NGOs which are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to free the children trapped on Nauru by Universal Children's Day.
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Report on Australian advocacy in Geneva 2018

Years of advocacy by the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) for greater refugee community representation in international policy discussions culminated in the ground-breaking first-ever Global Summit of Refugees in Geneva. The Summit was the highlight of 10 days of Australian advocacy in Geneva (19-29 June 2018), which included UNHCR’s annual NGO Consultations, global dialogue on refugee resettlement, engagement with the UN Human Rights Council and meetings with senior officials of UNHCR and IOM.
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Roof Over My Head

The Australian government has been forcing people seeking asylum into destitution. Future changes are likely to make thousands of highly vulnerable people in our communities homeless and desperate. Community groups and organisations around the country cannot cope. This is a humanitarian crisis in the making. Read what people seeking asylum, and people who support them, have told us about what is happening here.
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