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Wrap Up: Refugee Education Special Interest Group first meeting 2018

The Refugee Education Special Interest Group met in 2018 to discuss the changes to the Status Resolution Support Services Payment. This change will negatively affect income support for full-time students, and people who are seeking asylum. This could cause serious problems, yet there are a number of events, scholarships and opportunities available to help.
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Scholarships For People Seeking Asylum And Refugees On Temporary Visas

Scholarships for people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary visas

As part of our Education for All Campaign the Refugee Council has been working with universities to provide scholarships to people seeking asylum. Unlike holders of permanent humanitarian visas, people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary protection visas are not eligible for programs and concessions designed to assist students with financing tertiary education. This page lists universities that are now offering scholarships.
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National Symposium: People Seeking Asylum And Higher Education

National symposium: People seeking asylum and higher education

On 15 November 2017, the National Symposium: Seeking Asylum and Higher Education was held at Melbourne University. The symposium brought together 25 people with lived experience of seeking asylum and 40 representatives from Australian universities and community organisations. They met to talk about how to work together to improve the opportunities in higher education for people seeking asylum.
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Delays Continue For Those Waiting For Citizenship

Delays continue for those waiting for citizenship

While refugee communities have welcomed Senate’s rejection of the Minister for Immigration’s proposed changes to the Citizenship Act, people waiting for citizenship are still facing significant delays in the processing of their applications. A backlog now confronts all applicants, with those from refugee backgrounds continuing to wait much longer.
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Settlement Grants Program: Where does the money go?

The Settlement Grants Program is a Federal Government grant program that provides funding to organisations offering settlement support to new arrivals in Australia. The focus of the program is on providing services within the first five years to help people settle in Australia. This report analyses SGP grants still effective in 2017, and identifies where the money is going.
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