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Amplifying the voices of young refugees

During 2008-09, RCOA undertook a literature review and a series of youth consultations across three Australian states and the Australian Capital Territory, with the aim of developing a targeted and…

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Who bears the cost of Australia’s Special Humanitarian Program?

Under the Special Humanitarian Program, a person in Australia may sponsor someone overseas who needs to be resettled. The person in Australia, the 'proposer', is responsible for paying for their airfares and supporting their resettlement. This report looks at the effect of travel costs on the proposers and the people they sponsor.
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Australia’s new Afghan refugees: Context and challenges

This paper examines Australia’s response to Afghan refugees who began arriving in Australia by boat in 1999. It considers the broad international context leading to the flight of refugees from Afghanistan and the complex historical, political and sectarian conflicts that influence the movement of Afghan peoples to this day.
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Kosovo safe havens: Views from the community sector

This paper was prepared for Australians working with refugees from Kosovo and lists items that must be considered in possible future evacuations. The report attempt to draw out the experiences of those involved in the process at different levels of the NSW Havens.
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