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Starving them out: How the Australian Government is forcing people seeking asylum into destitution

Over the past 25 years, people have been supported while seeking asylum through a basic living allowance and limited casework. These support programs were designed so that people can more effectively resolve their claims for protection. In the past few years, and especially since August 2017, the Australian Government has been making it harder for people to access these support programs. This policy brief looks at recent and upcoming policies that will force thousands into destitution.
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A platform for change: Reforming Australian refugee policy

In 2017, a wide range of actors from across the Australian refugee sector and movement worked together to articulate a platform for reform of Australian refugee policy in 2018 and beyond. This joint platform sets out the problems of refugee policy in Australia and, more importantly, what we think are the solutions.
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New Migration Regulations increase potential for indefinite detention

New Migration Regulations took effect on 18 November that could have a very significant impact on refugees, especially those on temporary protection visas. Unless these Regulations are disallowed by the Senate on 27 November, the Regulations will apply to a broad range of temporary visas, including temporary protection and bridging visas.
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Canada’s private sponsorship of refugees: Potential lessons for Australia

In June 2017, senior staff of Settlement Services International (SSI) and Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) were involved in meetings in Canada and Geneva to learn more the Canadian model of private sponsorship of refugees and its implications for Australia. This discussion paper summarises the delegation's key findings and puts forward, for further dialogue, ideas of how the current Australian sponsorship model could be modified.
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Not Working: Experiences of refugees and migrants with Jobactive

This report, co-authored by Fairfield Multicultural Interagency (FMI) and the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA), focuses on the barriers faced by refugees and migrants imposed by the main federal employment program, Jobactive. The report’s findings are based on 102 case studies collected by FMI and supplemented by national consultations conducted by RCOA.
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Report on refugee self-representation: advocacy in Geneva 2017

In the lead-up to the June 2017 Geneva meetings, refugee community advocates and Australian NGOs worked collaboratively to develop key messages and advocacy objectives on the theme of refugee self-representation. This report highlights the process undertaken to develop this advocacy, the key messages that were taken to Geneva, and the outcomes of this collective effort.
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