Each year since 1984, successive Australian Governments have invited the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) to provide advice on issues for the Government to consider in planning the coming year’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program.

Over the years, we have broadened the process of community consultation we conduct to inform our annual submission to the Government. Our submissions on this Program include feedback from people from refugee and asylum backgrounds from across Australia, as well as feedback from the many people who support them.

Annual submissons on the Refugee and Humanitarian Program

We Can And Should Do More: Australia’s Humanitarian Program 2018-19

We can and should do more: Australia’s Humanitarian Program 2018-19

The Refugee Council of Australia's submission into the Department of Home Affair's Discussion Paper on the Humanitarian Program 2018-2019 examines priority needs for resettlement, the need for a larger and more responsive Humanitarian Program, and calls for a community sponsorship initiative and a National Program of Action.
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