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Two men sheltering in boat

On this page you can find updates about our work on asylum policy.

Latest news

Scholarships for people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary visas

As part of our Education for All Campaign the Refugee Council has been working with universities to provide scholarships to people seeking asylum. Unlike holders of permanent humanitarian visas, people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary protection visas are not eligible for programs and concessions designed to assist students with financing tertiary education. This page lists universities that are now offering scholarships.
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Thinking Beyond Offshore Processing: Key Recommendations From The Refugee Council Of Australia

Thinking Beyond Offshore Processing: Key recommendations from the Refugee Council of Australia

This paper explains our views on the path beyond offshore processing, bringing together existing recommendations in some of our key reports, including: Australia’s response to a world in crisis (March 2016, ‘Australia’s response’), Eroding our identity as a generous nation: Community views on Australia’s treatment of people seeking asylum (December 2015, ‘Eroding our identity’) and Improving Refugee Protection in Asia-Pacific: How Australia can make a practical difference (July 2015, ‘Improving refugee protection’).
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Speaking Up About Suicide And Self-harm

Speaking up about suicide and self-harm

In July 2016, the Refugee Council of Australia spoke at a major national conference about the effect of asylum policies on the mental health of people seeking asylum. The National Suicide Prevention Conference, held by Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA), was held in Canberra between 24-27 July 2016.
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Detention Research Project

Detention Research Project

The project aims to identify systemic issues of concern relating to detention in Australia. It will research emerging trends and patterns in Australian immigration detention facilities. This information will be used to help us advocate on issues relating to detention.
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Statelessness in Australia

Although the right to a nationality is a fundamental human right, stateless people are not citizens of any country. They face significant difficulties in travelling, accessing services, finding employment and…

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SHEV options and opportunities

Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEVs) are five-year visas issued to people found to be owed protection. People with a SHEV who are in employment and not receiving social security benefits,…

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