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Our Team

RCOA Staff


Policy team

  • Director of Policy and Research: Rebecca Eckard (Melbourne)
  • Senior Policy Officer: Asher Hirsch (Melbourne)
  • Senior Policy Officer: Sahar Okhovat (Sydney)

Community Engagement team

  • Director of Community Engagement: Deena Yako (Sydney)
  • Project Officer: Samah Shda (Sydney)

Communications team

  • Director of Strategy, Communications and Fundraising: Kelly Nicholls (Sydney)
  • Digital & Campaigns Officer: Molly Jureidini (Adelaide)
  • Digital Fundraising Officer: Afiqah Rozali (Melbourne)
  • Media and Campaigns Officer: Paul Lampathakis
  • Partnerships and Relationships Manager: Georgie McGrillen (Sydney)
  • Fundraising Coordinator, Rnita Dacho, is on maternity leave
  • Media and Campaigns Coordinator, Laura Stacey, is on maternity leave

Administration team

  • Manager: Rebecca Langton (Sydney)
  • Accounting Officer: Martyn Green (Sydney)

The Refugee Council of Australia has a small staff, based in our offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Please note that most of our staff work part-time.

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