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Offshore processing statistics

Where do they come from?

By far the largest number of people sent to Nauru or PNG are from Iran. The second-largest group of people are stateless. There are also significant numbers of people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. The first graph shows the nationality of all people sent for offshore processing, between 19 July 2013 and 27 February 2017. (There have been now new transfers since then).

Bar chart showing nationalities of people sent to offshore processing since 19 July 2013

This pattern of nationalities broadly true for each location, although there are some variations. For example, there are many more people from Sri Lanka and stateless people on Nauru. These graphs show the nationalities of people still in Nauru and in PNG, as at 30 September 2018.

The last chart also shows the number of children born to offshore processing, as at 23 October 2017. There have been at least 100 children born to people subject to offshore processing (the Department does not keep track of all births in the Nauruan or Australian community).

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