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Submission into the next generation of employment services

Our recommendations


Recommendation 1

The new model of employment services should be based on a model that incorporates specialist providers for refugees and humanitarian entrants and include a wider range of more flexible or tailored supports. The model should focus on building on existing programs and initiatives that work well for this group, by providing sustainable, reliable and flexible funding. Specialist providers should be required to demonstrate a strong partnership with relevant service providers and refugee communities. Contracts should include criteria for ensuring such specialist services are appropriately trained, supported and qualified to deliver such services

Recommendation 2

Refugees and humanitarian entrants should be identified as a highly disadvantaged group who require intensive and targeted support under the new model of employment services.

Recommendation 3

The Department should commission an independent and robust review of the compliance aspect of the Jobactive program and its relationship to the core purpose of the Jobactive program remains employment assistance.

Recommendation 4

The new model should include a broader range of information in assessing a person’s need for employment support and their strengths and goals, and ensure that those who conduct the assessments are appropriately skilled and trained to identify these.

Recommendation 5

The new employment services model must include sufficient resources for more intensive, face-to-face support for those who need it, including refugees and humanitarian entrants. Any new online portal must be designed in a culturally sensitive way, and involve consultation with service providers who help navigate these systems. There should also be funding for digital literacy training and for service providers to help people navigate online systems.

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Future Of Employment Services
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