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The Refugee Council Of Australia Joins Campaign To Free 119 Children Trapped On Nauru Before Universal Children’s Day

The Refugee Council of Australia joins campaign to free 119 children trapped on Nauru before Universal Children’s Day

MEDIA RELEASE Embargoed until 10:30am, Monday 20 August 2018 Canberra, Australia: The Refugee Council of Australia has today joined a renewed campaign to pressure Australia’s political leaders to bring the 119 children currently trapped on Nauru, to Australia. The #KidsOffNauru Campaign, driven by Australia’s prominent humanitarian and refugee sector organisations,…

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Five years of suffering and abuse – Australia does not have the solution

Today marks five years since the Australian government started sending everyone coming by boat to seek asylum to languish in offshore detention centres in the Pacific, never to be resettled in Australia. In those five years, 12 people have died, families have been torn apart, and over 3,000 children and adults have endured enormous mental and physical harm.
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Refugee Council Warns Government Cuts To Support Services For Asylum Seekers Could Push People Into Destitution

Refugee Council warns government cuts to support services for asylum seekers could push people into destitution

Today, the Department of Home Affairs will begin a staggered exit of around 1500 people seeking asylum from the lifesaving Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS). The news comes despite warnings that these cuts could result in thousands of vulnerable people being pushed into destitution and homelessness.
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New UN refugee statistics should spur Australia to constructive action in Asia

Reflecting on new United Nations statistics which show that the global number of people who are now refugees is at a 70-year high, Australians and their government should not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by grim statistics but should redouble efforts to seek practical answers.
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Help stop the destitution of people seeking asylum

Thousands of highly vulnerable people seeking asylum who are living in our community could be at risk of destitution and homelessness. Learn how you can help us stop it.
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