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Children with backs towards camera and arms crossed in front of fence

Australia’s man-made crisis on Nauru

What now?

The first people were sent to Nauru on 14 September 2012, under this second version of Australia’s offshore processing. Since then, hundreds of organisations in Australia and many UN bodies have been saying the same thing: this is a ‘crisis’ that has an easy answer.
 These people can simply be brought to Australia, and should have been brought here years ago. This is entirely within Australia’s power to achieve. The number of people involved is tiny. It would be an enormous cost saving to the government, and help to restore our credibility in the region and internationally. It would drain a poison that has been slowly engulfing our politics, our identity and our democracy.
 After six years, we must acknowledge that too much damage has now been done for this to be a solution. We cannot give these people back their lives. Yet it is surely our duty to try.

The Refugee Council of Australia and the ASRC have joined hundreds of other organisations in supporting the call on Australia’s political leaders to free the children trapped on Nauru by Universal Children’s Day. We need to bring them here and either offer resettlement in Australia or find another suitable country that welcomes them. Join the call today and help us get the #KidsOffNauru.

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