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Legal or migration advice

Find a migration agent


You can find a migration agent, or check if your migration agent is registered. You do this by searching the register of migration agents on the Migration Registration Agents Authority’s website.

Find a migration agent or check your migration agent is registered

Finding someone who understands refugee claims

Not all migration agents work with people seeking asylum and refugees. This is a difficult area of law, so you should find someone who has experience when seeking legal or migration advice. If you are already going to a place that helps people seeking asylum, they might be able to help.

On the menu on the left, you can find members of the Refugee Council of Australia and other places that we know work with refugees and people seeking asylum. Choose the state that you live in.

Places that provide free services to people seeking asylum

There are some places that give people seeking asylum free legal advice. These will often work with other places that work with people seeking asylum, and provide services in those places. We have listed these below, including details about how to contact them. Please check their websites first because this information changes often.

These places are usually busy. If they cannot help you, they may be able to suggest other places for you to go.

Other migration agents

If you want to find another migration agent, you can find someone who specialises in ‘Refugee and Humanitarian’ law and is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia.

Find a migration agent who is a member of the Migration Institute

Many lawyers are also migration agents. Lawyers who work regularly in this area may be ‘accredited’ as specialising in immigration law.

However, these specialists may work in immigration law, but not with refugees.

You can find accredited specialists in immigration law:

There are no accredited specialists in other places,  but you can find lawyers or law firms that work in immigration here: