Refugees, asylum seekers, organisations, institutions, refugee communities, academics, advocates and experts are coming from across the state, the country and the world for the 2018 Refugee Alternatives conference to be held for the first time ever in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 13-14 February

Refugee Alternatives: improving practice, policy and public 2018 will focus on solutions to the global challenge of displacement that sees more than 22.5 million refugees in the world today.

Smoothing the road from education to employment, raising the voice of lived experience, practical steps you and your community can take to support refugees and people seeking asylum, and how we can all support what is working and what needs to change to improve the situation for displaced people will be the foci of the two day event.

Paul Power, Refugee Council of Australia CEO, said; ‘We are very excited to be holding the Refugee Alternatives Conference in Melbourne for the first time. Refugee Alternatives will bring together people with practical solutions and working alternatives to the current malaise our Government and much of the world finds themselves in when dealing with the unprecedented challenge the global community faces with human displacement.

The Refugee Alternatives Conference is particularly timely given the scale of the challenge the world now faces and Australia’s commitment to the Global Compact on displacement at the UN Summit last year.

‘We’re delighted to have representatives of refugee communities on every panel and attending as delegates, to ensure that people with lived experience of seeking asylum are at the front and centre of this debate.’

“Australia has led the world in the resettlement of refugees in the past, and we are in a position to be able to do so again. The world needs solutions desperately and over these two days we will highlight the working alternatives already being practiced and the solutions that exist to resolve one of the greatest modern challenges the world faces.”

For upcoming highlights please visit www.refugeealternatives.org.au


Refugee Alternatives,

Arts West Building Melbourne University, Parkville Victoria

9am – 5pm Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13-February 2018.

The Program


For more information: Samuel Dariol 0488 035 535