Coloured chalk used for education and learning in Australia

Refugees and people seeking asylum face a number of challenges when learning in Australia – whether it is learning English, in school, or in further or higher education.

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How Can We Make Higher Education More Accessible For Refugees?

How can we make higher education more accessible for refugees?

What do we know about the participation of refugees in university? And how can we make higher education more accessible for them? These are the questions addressed by a recent study by the University of Melbourne's Refugee Studies Program and Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, Not There Yet: An Investigation into the Access and Participation of Students from Humanitarian Refugee Backgrounds in the Australian Higher Education System.
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Education And Training

Education and training

Refugee and humanitarian entrants are often keen to make up for lost time and take up the many and diverse opportunities provided by Australia’s education and training systems. Moving through Australia’s education and training systems, however, presents enormous challenges.
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