Australia’s man-made crisis on Nauru

Six years after the Australian government began sending people seeking asylum to Nauru, there are still around 900 people left on the island, including an estimated 109 children. All of them will have been there for over four years. Almost 200 people lived in a processing centre, including 14 children, until they were cleared out along with tents and temporary accommodation they were living in for the Pacific Island Forum.
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Report on Australian advocacy in Geneva 2018

Years of advocacy by the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) for greater refugee community representation in international policy discussions culminated in the ground-breaking first-ever Global Summit of Refugees in Geneva. The Summit was the highlight of 10 days of Australian advocacy in Geneva (19-29 June 2018), which included UNHCR’s annual NGO Consultations, global dialogue on refugee resettlement, engagement with the UN Human Rights Council and meetings with senior officials of UNHCR and IOM.
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Five years of suffering and abuse – Australia does not have the solution

MEDIA RELEASE 18 July 2018

Today marks five years since the Australian government started sending everyone coming by boat to seek asylum to languish in offshore detention centres in the Pacific, never to be resettled in Australia. In those five years, 12 people have died, families have been torn apart, and over 3,000 children and adults have endured enormous mental and physical harm.

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