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Not Working: Experiences of refugees and migrants with Jobactive

Work for the Dole

Inappropriate Work for the Dole placements

The feedback gathered for this report acknowledged the importance of the Work for Dole program as a vital opportunity to gain work experience. However, many participants shared concerns that some of the placements were not suitable for refugee and migrant jobseekers.

Many reported that their placement conflicted with their English classes. Others pointed out that some of the placements did not cater for the various levels of English and skills. The benefit of the placements was diminished due to their inability to communicate with their placement provider. Work for the Dole programs that were successful were ones where the providers of the program could effectively communicate with the refugee and migrant jobseeker.

They send us to do volunteer jobs for working for the dole program in places that not related to our qualifications. Not helpful as they do not provide us with assistance to get for the job that we are qualified for.

— A Syrian refugee from Fairfield LGA

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