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How many refugees are there in the world?

Where do refugees come from?

This world map shows where refugees come from – that is, their ‘country of origin’. You can zoom in to see this in more detail. You can hover over each country to see the numbers of refugees.

As you can see, there are some regions - in Africa and some key countries in the Middle East and North Africa - which have the most refugees. These are mostly countries where there is conflict, such as Syria, Afghanistan, and South Sudan.

Outside of these key regions, there is now a large number of refugees from Venezuela, and in the Asia-Pacific Myanmar has long been one of the key countries producing refugees.

Where do refugees go to?

Most refugees stay in a country near their country of origin. This world map shows where refugees are living (their 'country of asylum').

This chart shows the key countries hosting refugees. Only a few countries host almost half of the refugees in the world. Apart from Germany, these are mostly countries that neighbour the countries with high numbers of refugees.

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