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Information for people supporting people in detention

This factsheet is provided by Refugee & Advice Casework Service, a legal organisation that helps refugees in Sydney. It was last updated in October 2016.

In RACS’ experience, prolonged periods of detention for people seeking asylum, combined with uncertainty and delay in relation to their migration status, can have an extremely harmful impact on a person’s mental health. This fact sheet is for people wanting to assist people seeking asylum in immigration detention who appear to be suffering harm because of their prolonged detention.

The information in this factsheet is designed to support advocates, healthcare professionals and members of the community who would like to help people seeking asylum in detention to take action about their detention. This factsheet sets out the different forms of action that an asylum seeker can take in relation to their detention, the relevant considerations for a person to be released from detention, and how an advocate, counsellor, doctor or healthcare professional can most appropriately comment on the particular circumstances to enable the case to be considered by the Minister for Immigration.

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