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Global resettlement statistics

About the statistics

This page draws from UNHCR’s resettlement statistics. Much of this data is now available from UNHCR’s Resettlement Data Finder, which allows for custom queries of its dataset and is more up-to-date than its annual publications. Each query has its own link, which is provided underneath the graph, and includes footnotes for those sources. Where possible, we have used this data.

UNHCR also publishes every year two key publications:

  • Projected Resettlement Needs: this estimates the people who need resettlement in the next year (so Projected Resettlement Needs 2021 is published in 2020), and also includes in an annex resettlement statistics from the previous year (so Projected Resettlement Needs 2021 publishes resettlement statistics from 2019)
  • Global Trends: This publishes key refugee data from the previous year (so Global Trends 2019 is published in 2020) and also includes resettlement arrivals in the statistical annex, which is available in spreadsheet form
  • UNHCR has also released a mobile app for its refugee data, available both for Apple (iOS) devices and for Android devices.

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