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Global resettlement statistics

Where are the people who need resettlement living now?

This next map shows where people who need resettlement are living (their country of asylum). This is similar to the map of the country of origin, with a ‘spillover’ into neighbouring countries.

This reflects the fact that most refugees move to a neighbouring country, so they are often resettled from the same region as their country of origin.

This chart shows the top 10 countries hosting people in need of resettlement. Again, these are mostly countries that are neighbours to areas of conflict.

This next chart shows the region where people who need resettlement live (their region of asylum). This shows that many of the people displaced from the Middle East and North Africa have moved outside that region, with significant numbers in Europe. Fewer people needing resettlement in Africa have moved outside Africa.

This map shows where refugees were living when they are resettled (their 'region of asylum'), over time. This shows how the numbers resettled from Asia and the Pacific have decreased over time, while in more recent years more people have been resettled from Africa and the Middle East or North Africa (MENA).

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