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Global resettlement statistics

People who are resettled

Where do people who are being resettled come from?

This map shows the total number of resettled refugees by country of origin since 2003. In other words, this map shows us where refugees have been coming from.

As you can see, the highest number of refugees have been resettled from Myanmar (Burma) over this time. There are also high numbers from countries in Africa and in the Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria.

This next graph shows the numbers resettled over time. This shows the changing countries of origin over time. While Somalia and Afghanistan have remained relatively constant, since the early 2000s Myanmar and Iraq have dominated. However, in recent years these countries have declined as sources, while the Democratic Republic of Congo and Syria have become much more important.

These statistics show how refugee movements are driven by world and regional events. The biggest drivers of refugee migration tend to be conflict and famine. However, other political events, such as major changes in domestic policy, can also be influential.

As this graph (and the earlier submissions and departures graph) shows, there has been a dramatic decline in resettlement since 2016, and especially in 2020, as borders were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This chart shows where refugees were resettled to in 2020.

Where are they living when they are resettled?

This map shows where refugees were living when they are resettled (their ‘region of asylum’), over time. This shows how the numbers resettled from Asia and the Pacific have decreased over time, while in more recent years more people have been resettled from Africa and the Middle East or North Africa (MENA).

This reflects the fact that most refugees move to a neighbouring country, so they are often resettled from the same region as their country of origin.

Where do refugees go?

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