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Global resettlement statistics

Where do the people who need resettlement come from and live?

In 2023, UNHCR changed the way they provide this data, and are instead providing their own interactive maps.

Projected Resettlement Needs maps  and graphs 2024

Where do people who need resettling come from?

These are mostly in Africa and the Middle East. The crisis in Venezuela has also increased the need for resettlement in that country and in neighbouring countries. The main regions of origin for people needing resettlement are the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and the pacific, and the East Horn of Africa & Great Lakes regions. The top countries of origin for people needing resettlement include Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Where are the people who need resettlement living now (their country of asylum)?

People who need resettlement are living largely in the same region of origin, which reflects the fact that most refugees flee to neighbouring countries. The top countries of asylum are Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Ethiopia, and Uganda. While the top three regions of asylum are also regions of origin, there are also significant numbers of people now in Europe as many of the people displaced from the Middle East and North Africa have moved outside that region, with significant numbers in Europe. Fewer people needing resettlement in Africa have moved outside Africa.

This chart shows where refugees were living when they are resettled (their ‘region of asylum’), over time. This shows how the numbers resettled from Asia and the Pacific have decreased over time, while in more recent years more people have been resettled from Africa and the Middle East or North Africa (MENA).

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