This factsheet is provided by The Humanitarian Group, a legal organisation that helps refugees in Western Australia. It was published in July 2016.

This information is for people who have a SHEV visa.

Settlement Services International in NSW has also developed a presentation with useful information for SHEV holders.

Can I sponsor my family members for permanent migration to Australia?

No. you cannot sponsor family members.

Can I travel outside Australia on this visa?

You have to ask the Minister for Immigration before you can leave Australia.  The Minister may not allow you to go overseas.

Can I become a citizen on this visa?

You cannot become a citizen at the end of this visa. You have to apply for another visa.

Under the current law, before you can become a citizen, you would have to:

  • meet the SHEV ‘pathway requirements’ so you can get another kind of visa, and
  • get a permanent visa (not because you need protection).