Front page of Department of Immigration and Border Protection's 2016-2017 annual report

This page lists key government resources that provide information about refugee and asylum policy.

Department of Home Affairs (formerly the Department of Immigration and Border Protection)

Annual reports

The Department’s annual reports contain statistical data on migration to Australia, refugee resettlement and processing of asylum applications.

Immigration detention

The Department regularly publishes statistics on the numbers of people in immigration detention, including information such country of origin, gender, age, length of detention and where they are currently detained.

Statistical publications

The Department publishes a range of statistical publications on migration flows and settlement in Australia. These include summary statistics on its Refugee and Humanitarian program. Some of its more detailed publications are now outdated, including.

  • Asylum trends: an annual publication (until 2013) which provides statistics on asylum applications, processing outcomes and the demographics of people seeking asylum, together with quarterly asylum statistics (until June 2014).
  • Ministerial intervention statistics (until 2011).

More current and useful statistics include:

Department of Social Services

Settlement Reporting Facility

The Settlement Reporting Facility is an online tool which provides statistical data on permanent arrivals to Australia. You can use the tool to sort and filter statistics by categories such as visa subclass, migration stream, age, gender, religion, language spoken, country of origin, area of residence and year of arrival in Australia.

Statistics on the arrival of people from Syria and Iraq

This information is currently updated monthly.