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How Far We’ve Come (SBS)

This website includes the stories of refugees interviewed by SBS up to 25 years ago, and finds out what has happened to them. Each story also includes information on the country they came from and why they were forced to leave.

Long Journey, Young Lives (ABC)

This interactive documentary follows young refugees leaving conflict and violence in their homeland to their detention in Australia. It also explores the opinions of Australian school students on people seeking asylum.

Refugees’ Real Stories (Amnesty International)

This website is part of Amnesty International’s Rethink Refugees campaign and includes videos of people’s stories.

Refugees’ Australian Stories (Researchers for Asylum Seekers)

This multimedia project uses images and the spoken and written word to tell the stories of refugees from around the world who have made Australia their home.

Refugees: Telling Their Stories

Between 2003 and 2005, UNHCR’s Canberra office ran a writing competition for high school students to encourage them to make contacts with refugees living among them in their communities and listen to their stories. This publication contains the winning stories from the 2005 competition.