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Discover refugee stories from real people living in Australia. Read about why they fled, the challenges they faced and their eventual triumphs.


Aduc’s story

Aduc fled the civil war in Sudan to Ethiopia and then Kenya before coming to Australia, where she works as a nurse in Gosford.
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Anisa’s story

Anisa, as a member of the Ba'hai community in Iran, faced persecution before she came to Australia as a young person.
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Henri’s story

Henri Szeps is one of Australia's most loved and well-respected of actors. His family fled Poland when he was a young child.
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Jean’s story

Jean left the conflict in Burundi alone as a young man and came to Australia from a refugee camp in Tanzania.
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Matur’s story

Matur had to flee Sudan when civil war erupted, and came to Australia from Egypt. He is working to become a doctor again in Australia.
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Michael’s story

Michael Gawenda, one of Australia's most distinguished journalists, came to Australia after the devastation of World War II forced his Jewish parents to flee.
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