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Freedom Stories Screenings

Celebrate Refugee Week and host a Freedom Stories Screening

The new Australian documentary, ‘Freedom Stories’, tells the stories of former ‘boat people’ who are now Australian citizens. Directed by award winning filmmaker, Steve Thomas ‘Freedom Stories’ is a thoughtful and uplifting film that places humanity back in this often politicised debate.

“With courage let us all combine” is the theme for Refugee Week 2016 (June 19-25) and recognising the link with the documentary, the producers of ‘Freedom Stories’ are working with the Refugee Council of Australia to enable you to screen the film in Refugee Week.

Screening ‘Freedom Stories’ is a great way to raise awareness of the support new arrivals require, and the practical things we can all do to make a difference.

By allowing people to tell their own stories; the reasons they fled , their difficulties in reaching safety and the horrors of detention, ‘Freedom Stories’  has the potential to change people’s minds about asylum seekers.

‘Freedom Stories’ has a positive tone and resonates with everyone because at its heart it is a story about people, and what ‘home’ means to all of us.

You can help share their story by hosting a screening, for a small fee, in your area during Refugee Week, 19-26 June.

For more information on how you can host a screening complete the registration form on the right.

Watch the trailer HERE

Download the Freedom Stories Resource Kit for schools here.


Freedom Stories Screening – Registration Form