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Exile in Sarajevo (1997)

Directed by Tahir Cambis and Alma Sahbaz

This is a personal account of the siege of Sarajevo, from the viewpoint of Bosnian-Australian Tahir Cambis and Sarajevan Alma Sahbaz. Nirvan, a talented young dancer, dies after a shelling attack. Her family is forced to leave Sarajevo as refugees bound for America. Eight year old Amira’s illustrated diary is poignant testimony of the murder of family and friends. Both stories are set within the context of NATO bombing missions, UN Press Conferences and the liberation and reunification of parts of the city under Bosnian-Serb control.

Asylum (2003)

Directed by Nigel Roffe-Barker

Fleeing persecution and torture in northern Iraq, three young Kurdish boys smuggle themselves into England where they register for asylum and try to establish new lives. However, their future is threatened when their genuine claims get bound up in red tape. One boy is detained, while the others evade capture by taking refuge in a local church, amid escalating media and police attention.

Eternity and a Day (1998)

Directed by Theo Angelopoulos

A famous author, reaching the end of his life, encounters a young Albanian refugee boy who is one of the thousands of ‘illegal immigrants’ from Eastern Europe coming into Greece. Alexandre begins a quest to return the boy home, and when that proves impossible, attempts to give the young orphan the security and opportunities unavailable to him on the streets.

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