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Fast tracking and ‘Legacy Caseload’ statistics

Where are they?

Where do those who are waiting for the finalisation of their applications live?

The largest group of people waiting for their applications to be finalised live in Victoria. NSW has the second-largest numbers and Queensland the third-largest. They are followed by Western Australia and South Australia. Perhaps not surprisingly, there are relatively few in the ACT, NT, and Tasmania.

Our statistics on people seeking asylum in the community

Where do those who have been granted protection live?

Similar to the previous group, NSW and Victoria have the largest number of temporary protection visa holders.

People on Safe Haven Enterprise Visa in regional areas

Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV) come with conditions that mean that a person might be able to get a permanent visa if they live in a 'regional area' in Australia, although that permanent visa cannot be a permanent refugee or humanitarian visa. This means in practice it will be very difficult for them to do so.

However, a large number of people on SHEVs do live in 'regional areas'. As noted in the graph below, the definition of 'regional area' means that some entire States, including South Australia, qualify as 'regional'.

Are they in detention?

Almost all of those in 'Legacy Caseload' who are still waiting for the outcome of their applications are currently residing in the community.

Australia's detention policies

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