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Fast tracking and ‘Legacy Caseload’ statistics

Re-applying for protection and pathways to permanency

Under the current policy of temporary protection, anyone on a temporary protection visa is required to apply again for a new visa after their visas expire. For people holding a Temporary Protection Visa, their visas expire after three years, while Safe Haven Enterprise Visas expire after five years.

This means that, even though the Department of Home Affairs has not yet finished processing the first lot of applications, it is already starting to process new applications from people whose applications have expired. The graph below shows how many visas will expire by the end of each month (until September 2022), other than those who have already made subsequent applications.

This graph shows the number of subsequent applications that have been made and granted so far.

This graph shows the expiry dates of temporary protection visas.

The Safe Haven Enterprise Visa can technically lead to a permanent visa, but it cannot lead to a permanent protection visa. This graph shows that no-one on a SHEV has yet been granted a permanent visa.

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