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Fast tracking and ‘Legacy Caseload’ statistics

The October 2017 deadline

A look at the graph on the processing status of applications available in the previous page shows a rapid increase in the numbers of applications lodged in 2017, from over 9,600 applications in September 2016 to 17,695 applications by the end of September 2017. This was because in May 2017 the Minister announced that any applications not lodged by 1 October 2017 would be barred by law. Through heroic efforts, mainly by community legal centres, all but 71 people lodged their applications by this date.

The graphs on this page provide further information about the 71 people who did not lodge their applications by the October 2017 deadline: where they were from, where they lived, how old they were and what happened to them.

This first graph shows where they came from.

This graph shows where they were living at the time.

This graph shows their age and gender.

This graph shows what happened to them, including the fact that the Minister for Immigration did not intervene in any of these cases, and was not even asked to intervene.

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