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Profiles of three diverse individuals from refugee backgrounds with accompanying text Hear my words. Feel my heart. Trust my truth.
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Face to Face refugee speaker program

One story can change everything. And it’s critical that we change the way our country thinks about refugees and people seeking asylum. That’s why our Face to Face program amplifies the voices of refugees and empowers them to tell their own stories, in their own way.

Putting a face to the refugee journey: meet our Face-to-Face speakers

Our refugee speakers are the heart of our program. In sharing their journeys they’re writing a new chapter of humanity and bravery, dismantling a legacy of disrespectful, abusive and dehumanising stories about refugees and people seeking asylum.

Abang Anade Othow, National Refugee Ambassador and face-to-Face speaker 

Simon Shahin, National Refugee Ambassador and Face-to-Face speaker


Amplifying the voices of refugees: meet the women behind the program

It is not easy to tell a story that begins with pain. Crystallising years or even decades of war, detention and resilience into an engaging story is a challenging process where fears must be faced and traumas relived. And when all that is done, how do you find an audience who needs to hear that story? That’s where Deena and Maya come in.

Deena Yako, Refugee Council of Australia’s Director of Community Engagement

Maya Cranitch, Refugee Council of Australia’s Board Chair


Schools get Face-to-Face with refugees

It is incredibly powerful to hear a refugee’s story, and even more so to meet the person behind that incredible journey. Our Face-to-Face program has facilitated 385 presentations since 2014, impacting thousands of lives in schools and workplaces.

Monica Magbanua, Teacher at Granville South Creative and Performing Arts High School   

Hanna Aakataa, Student at Granville South Creative and Performing Arts High School  


Corporates get Face-to-Face with refugees

Only one group of people can truly change the hearts and minds of Australians and that is refugees themselves. And telling their own stories to the wider community will ultimately change the national narrative about refugees and people seeking asylum.

Sam Masi, Vivienne Court Trading 

Kate Gillingham, Pro Bono Partner at Baker McKenzie 

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