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Call for expressions of interest: Refugee community representatives for global meeting on resettlement

RCOA along with other Australian NGOs and refugee-led networks involved in international dialogue on refugee resettlement and other third country solutions (i.e., refugees migrating via education visas, labour mobility, community sponsorship and family reunion) are inviting expressions of interest from community advocates in Australia who would like an opportunity to be nominated as a refugee representative in this year’s Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR).

The ATCR meeting will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 26 June to 28 June 2023. This meeting takes place annually and involves key stakeholders involved in resettlement. Participation in the 3-day meeting is restricted to a small number of representatives from governments and NGOs involved in resettlement, UNHCR, IOM and other international agencies, and refugee communities.

The ATCR is a high-level meeting that provides an opportunity to discuss recent trends and how to expand and improve resettlement processes and other third country solutions, to connect with peers in other countries engaged in similar work, and to hear directly from organisations and individuals involved in facilitating resettlement. There may also be potential opportunities while in Geneva to organise side meetings to raise issues of concern to refugee communities with senior UNHCR personnel, liaise with NGO representatives from around the world, and learn about current and emerging issues in international refugee protection.

Report from 2022 ATCR 

What this is

  • It is an opportunity to discuss practical ways to improve and expand resettlement and third country solutions informed by the lived experience of refugees.
  • It is a forum for strategic, diplomatic and collaborative advocacy.
  • it is an opportunity to build connections and networks with colleagues and peers in other parts of the world.
  • It is an opportunity to learn about what other countries and organisations do in this space.
  • It is an opportunity to further develop strategic advocacy skills.

What this is not

  • It is not an opportunity to lobby on issues that are primarily for the Australian Government.
  • It is not a space for lobbying on personal or individual cases.
  • It is not a forum where you need to convince participants that more resettlement and third country solutions are needed. The people involved are all there for this very reason.
  • It is not a forum to discuss issues of asylum and protection in host countries (although there may be opportunities for side meetings to progress advocacy in these areas).

About the grant

Key Australian NGOs and others involved in ATCR have pooled funds to support a number of refugee community representatives from Australia to participate in this year’s ATCR. These Australian refugee community representative grants are part of our collective efforts to expand the space for people with lived experience of forced displacement to engage in high-level policy discussions.

The grant will provide financial, logistical and in-kind support including:

  • Return airfare to Geneva;
  • Accommodation in Geneva for the duration of the consultations and relevant side meetings;
  • A daily allowance to cover food and other basic expenses;
  • Pre-departure briefing and training;
  • On-the-ground support in Geneva for the duration of the meetings;
  • Linkage to a mentor also participating in the ATCR;
  • Registration and support to participate in ATCR and side meetings;
  • Support to obtain a visa and other relevant travel documents where needed.

Expectations of grant recipients

Recipients will be expected to:

  • Consult, research and advocate on issues affecting refugee communities’ access to and experiences of resettlement and other third country solutions.
  • Participate in several pre-departure briefings and training with other community representatives and members of the Australian delegation attending ATCR. It is expected that these pre-departure meetings may amount to up to 2 days of time commitments spread over two months.
  • Be available to arrive in Geneva no later than Sunday 25 June and depart no earlier than the evening of Wednesday 28 June 2023.
  • Be willing to engage in respectful, constructive, collaborative and informed discussions with representatives from governments, NGOs and international organisations involved in refugee resettlement and other third country solutions.
  • Seek advice of experienced community advocates and mentors to ensure advocacy is strategic and well prepared.

Key selection criteria

  1. Strong understanding of refugee resettlement processes and/or other third country solutions (i.e., labour mobility, community sponsorship, education and family migration pathways).
  2. Capacity to consult, research and advocate on issues affecting diverse refugee communities.Please identify which communities or geographic region you are most closely connected to.
  3. Demonstrated skills and experience in constructive advocacy with government, NGOs or UN agencies.
  4. Clear but brief outline of the key issues that you would like to advocate on at ATCR and while in Geneva.
  5. Lived experience of forced displacement. (Experience of resettlement or other third country migration pathway preferred but not essential).

Selection process

The selection process will take into consideration:

  • How to ensure recipients of grants represent diverse community perspectives from Australia.
  • How the advocacy issues identified by applicants may be strategically furthered at ATCR or in meetings with UNHCR and other organisations located in Geneva.
  • The selection process will include an interview with the selection panel for shortlisted candidates. (The selection panel will involve a representative from the Refugee Council of Australia, National Refugee-led Advisory and Advocacy Group, the (global) ATCR Refugee Advisory Group, as well as one past ATCR refugee representative from Australia.)

How to apply

Interested individuals should submit an EOI no later than Tuesday 18 April 2023 that includes:

  1. A statement addressing each of the key selection criteria.
  2. A copy of your CV.
  3. The names and contact details of two referees who are familiar with your advocacy work and your approach to advocacy.

Download the EOI PDF below for information on how and where to submit your EOI.

EOI_ATCR Refugee community reps_2023
Size : 192.6 kB Format : PDF

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