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Information about education for refugees

Adult and community education

Many organisations around Australia provide adults with community education. Many of these focus on teaching key skills, especially to people who are new to working in Australia or are changing their career. For example, they teach reading and writing, English language, computer, work and business skills.

These courses are often run in a person’s local area by many different kinds of organisations, such as in libraries and neighbourhood centres. Many organisations that work with refugees or people seeking asylum also offer these kinds of courses.

You can look up organisations that provide education and training services for refugees and people seeking asylum (and services to help you get work) on this website.

Find education and training services

These courses are usually free or fairly cheap. Some courses may also get you a qualification that you need to work in certain jobs (often called Certificates). These courses are called ‘accredited’ courses.

The Australian Government also funds a program, Skills for Education and Employment, which focuses on teaching skills to help people get ready to work. Some of the organisations which offer this program also work with refugees and people seeking asylum.

Find a course

This resource is provided by Adult Learning Australia.

This directory lets you look up adult and community education courses near you in Australia.

You can also search for a course in your state:

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