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Information about education for refugees

Getting started on studying as an adult

There are many different kinds of education in Australia for adults. These include:

  • adult and community education
  • apprenticeships
  • vocational education and training
  • universities.

Australia’s education system can be confusing. There are a lot of different things to consider when deciding what you want to study. If you are thinking about starting or changing a career, you should start by deciding what kind of job you want to do. You may already have a relationship with an organisation, such as a school, TAFE or community organisation, that can give you some advice for your situation.

This factsheet is published by Deakin University and Bennelong Foundation. It was published in March 2020.

This guide provides essential information and advice for refugees and people seeking asylum who are thinking about studying. It tells them how to find the best pathways and choose the right course. It will help students apply for courses and scholarships.

You can also look at these websites which can help you find a career that will suit you.

These resources are provided by the Australian Government.

The Australian Government’s myfuture website provides information and helps you explore your career choices.

This page helps guide you about study, training and employment, including matching your skills and providing information about which jobs will be needed.

This website also allows you to explore careers and prepare for work, and includes many articles and tools to help you.

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