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Parliament House, Canberra

Submission to the inquiry into issues facing diaspora communities in Australia



Recommendation 1: Diaspora association governance strengthening and support

The Australian Government should fund a national-level training and support initiative focussed on strengthening the capacity of diaspora associations to build robust governance structures, plan, design and implement projects, and access funding that meets the needs and priorities of the communities they serve.

Recommendation 2: Mechanisms for addressing foreign interference with diasporas

The Australian Government should establish clear mechanisms for members of diaspora communities in Australia to safely report on foreign surveillance and intimidation through the establishment of a Diaspora Liaison Unit within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (see Recommendation 6).

Recommendation 3: Diaspora engagement in Country Information (COI) report reviews

When reviewing COI reports, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade should facilitate opportunities for diaspora communities to provide information that is relevant to decision-makers assessing protection claims.

Recommendation 4: Annual dialogue with diasporas on human rights

The Australian Government should hold a supplementary annual dialogue on human rights with diaspora communities to inform Australia’s bilateral and multilateral engagements.

Recommendation 5: Timely and accessible pathways to permanent protection and citizenship

The Australian Government should ensure inclusive access to citizenship as outlined in RCOA’s 2019 Submission on the Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening Commitments) Bill 2018. The Australian Government should abolish Temporary Protection Visas and grant permanent visas to all people who currently hold Temporary Protection, Temporary Humanitarian Concern or Temporary Safe Haven visas.

Recommendation 6: Diaspora Liaison Unit and workforce diversity in DFAT

The Australian Government should establish a Diaspora Liaison Unit within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to oversee, coordinate and support departmental engagement with diaspora communities across its range of functions, and prioritise the development and implementation of a cultural and linguistic diversity strategy within the Department that recognises the range of skills and competencies within diaspora communities.

Recommendation 7: Strengthen national coordination and representative body for diasporas

The Australian Government should invest in a body to fulfil a coordination, knowledge repository and representative role to ensure diaspora communities are effectively supported and their potential realised within the Australian context.

Recommendation 8: Champion refugee voices in international and national dialogue

That the Australian Government further embeds the engagement of people with lived refugee experience in national and international dialogue by including refugee diaspora representatives in Australian Government delegations at significant international meetings on refugee issues (such as the Global Refugee Forum and the UNHCR High Commissioner’s annual Dialogue and Executive Committee meetings), by championing the participation of refugee-led networks more broadly, and sharing lessons from effective diaspora partnership and engagement across government departments.

Recommendation 9: Diaspora-engaged diplomacy on refugee protection

The Australian Government should appoint an Ambassador for Refugee Protection to lead high-level advocacy on seeking durable solutions for refugees in the Asia-Pacific region and internationally, and to engage diaspora leaders in developing community-informed protection solutions and to engage in high-level dialogue.

Recommendation 10: Diaspora engagement in Australia’s aid program

The Australian Government should establish a targeted funding program modelled on the Danish Refugee Council’s Diaspora Programme to amplify and strengthen diaspora-led development and relief initiatives as a valuable contribution to Australian aid that draws on the strength of people-to-people networks.

Recommendation 11: Diaspora engagement in humanitarian response

The Australian Government should work with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to further support the development of a diaspora professionals deployment scheme drawing on the skills and capacities within Australian-based diaspora communities.

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